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A team you can count on.

Astwood's senior team of advisors boast more than 150 years of experience in criminal and social justice matters. This team is supported by junior Astwood resources with skills in data management and analysis, qualitiative evaluation, and program delivery.

Michael C. Chettleburgh is a recognized Canadian expert on street gangs and President and CEO of Astwood Strategy Corporation, a firm he founded in 1992 which serves clients as the RCMP, Ottawa Police Service, National Crime Prevention Centre, Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services and the Cree Regional Authority.  An economist by training, he is author of the acclaimed non-fiction book, Young Thugs: Inside the Dangerous World of Canadian Street Gangs (HarperCollins Canada), which was runner-up to the prestigious Donner Book Prize (2008) recognizing the best Canadian book on public policy, and is author of the upcoming book, Gladiator School: Life Inside Canadian Prisons (HarperCollins Canada). Michael was editor and publisher of Lessons From a Gang Cop, written by 31-year LAPD veteran Tony “Pac-Man” Moreno, whose work in the gang-infested streets of Los Angeles was the inspiration for the Sean Penn “Pac-Man” character in the major motion picture Colors, co-starring Robert Duvall. Michael is also Editor and Publisher of the new publication, the Astwood Gang Journal, which will debut in April 2012. An aspiring professional photographer, Michael is working on an oversized coffee table book called Exhoodus: The Faces and Stories of Redemption. Through gritty black and white urban photography and compelling narrative non-fiction storytelling, the book will feature the faces and stories of 100 people from around the world who had previously lived a life of crime, but who now lead a life of productive purpose.Michael is a frequent media commentator on criminal justice matters with over 800 international print, broadcast and web media credits including CBC National News, CTV National News, CTV’s Canada AM, CBC’s The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti, CBC’s Cross Country Check-Up with Rex Murphy, the Globe and Mail, National Post, Wall Street Journal, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Province, Canadian Living, Macleans Magazine, BBC News, Al Jazeera, South China Morning Post, Jamaica Gleaner, and many more.

ROBIN CHETTLEBURGH - Chief Operating Officer
Robin Chettleburgh co-founded Astwood Strategy Corporation in 1992 and manages the company's operating affairs including human resources, finance and administration. She is also editor of the Astwood Gang Journal.
ANDREW BACCHUS - Vice President
Andrew Bacchus is Astwood’s Vice President and plays a leading role in the company’s gang intervention programs  as well as project leads several large process and impact evaluations including our evaluation of the Youth Challenge Fund and the Youth Opportunities Strategy. Andrew is one of the country’s top gang experts with special expertise in gang exit/renunciation. A former leader of the notorious Vice Lords gang in Toronto’s Jane-Finch community,  Andrews has worked with gang involved and affiliated youth in the City of Toronto and across the country for more than a decade.  After leaving behind the gang life in the late 90’s, he worked for seven years as a Community Worker for Youth Clinical Services in Toronto’s Jane-Finch community, then four more as Case Manager and Project Manager for the country’s acclaimed gang exiting program, Canadian Training Institute’s Breaking the Cycle Project, where he mentored youth and designed and delivered customized interventions to help more than 160 young men and women leave their gangs in favour of a better life.  His work at the gang front-lines has been widely featured in the media including Canada AM, CTV, Global News, CP 24, Much Music, Crew TV, Toronto Life, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Eye Magazine, National Post, LA Times, Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Sentinel, CHRY and CBC Radio, among others.  Andrew is also a much sought after public speaker on the topic of youth gangs in Toronto, and has spoken at many conferences including:  PREV Net’s National Anti Bullying Conferences, Canadian Safe School Network Conferences, Crime Prevention Ottawa Conference, National Aboriginal Youth Gang Conference, and many more. He has also delivered awareness programs to more than one hundred schools in Toronto and continues to mentor young people caught up in the gang life in his community of Rexdale.
DR. DEPENG JIANG - Head of Statistical Analysis
In addition to handling the statistical analysis requirements for Astwood, Dr. Depeng Jiang heads the Biostatistical Consulting Unit at the University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine. Dr. Jiang has many years of experience providing statistical consulting to a broad range of clients and training students and researchers on the conduct of statistical analyses.  He has expertise in longitudinal analysis and multilevel models, person-oriented statistical approaches (e.g., latent class analysis and growth mixture models), structural equation models, clinical trial design and intervention program evaluation. Dr. Jiang has performed all the statistical analysis for our Multisite SNAP program evaluation, as well as is responsible for the standardization of Astwood's GRAI tool.
CHARMAINE BROWNE- Senior Consultant
Charmaine Browne has more than 15 years experience working with gang, drug trade and sex-trade involved young women and is a leading female gang member exiting strategist. Charmaine assists in the delivery of female offender programs and services in closed custody facilities where Astwood is deployed.



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