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Rick Osborne, "Ozzy", is our program leader. A former full patch outlaw biker, drug addict and 24.5 year prison veteran, as well as master motorcyle and automobile mechanic, Ozzy is uniquely able to reach and influence youth through skilled trades. See Ozzy's profile for more details.


Connecting with at-risk and gang affiliated youth through one of Canada's most innovative mentorship programs.

Developed by gang experts Michael Chettleburgh, Rick Osborne and Andrew Bacchus, the Ozzy's Garage program is founded on the two premises that redemption is possible and that we can reach and work with some high risk and gang-involved youth better through a non-traditional, fun and highly unique skilled trades program as compared to a typical community-based intervention.

With this program, youth have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a custom motorcyle chopper or 60s/70s era muscle car which, when completed, is then raffled off in benefit of a local community program or youth centre. While the chance to build a chopper or car is a powerful drawing card, the enduring value of the program is the opportunity for youth to work alongside master mechanic, mentor and former gang member, drug addict and prison veteran Rick Osborne ("Ozzy"), Astwood's Director of Mentorship. Through the program, Ozzy has the opportunity to engage youth in "small C" counselling around the issues they are facing in their lives, and provide "reality-based" advice derived from his years of study in and graduation from the school of hard knocks. At the same time, youth learn marketable skills, earn the satisfaction that comes with completing a major project, and "give back" to the community they have sometimes harmed as a result of the proceeds derived from the raffle of the bike or car.

FAT BOBBER: Our last project bike was a 2009 Titan Motorcycle Fat Bobber model. Retro yet modern, Titan's Fat Bobber series marries classic styling with Titan technology, turning heads and giving riders the time of their life. The Fat Bobber has a 96ci S&S evo powerplant and features a 260mm rear tires wideglide front forks, chain drives and old school cylinders and speedometer.

Our experience confirms that each community's problem with gangs or high risk youth are different, so therefore each and every Ozzy's Garage program is customized to meet local needs, interests and circumstances. Our process begins with a detailed needs gathering exercise, including a review of subject youth through a detailed intake and assessment process (using standardized instruments, if required). After this process, a custom program is developed, which typically can be delivered over a period of 8 to 16 weeks by Ozzy in groups of 8 to 12 young people.

Among other things, an Ozzy's Garage program can consist of the following elements:

Drug and alcohol addictions or abuse counselling in group or one-on-one sessions.
Discussions on dangers of gang involvement including community presentations.
Sports and recreation activities including self-defense and martial arts.
Life skills and character education programs.
Gang exit/renunciation program including assistance with tattoo removal, relocation, criminal record pardons, etc.
Parent/youth counselling.
Community and victim restitution.
Graffiti removal.
Assistance with academic credit recovery, return to school, obtaining employment (resume preparation, interviewing skills, etc.)



We are pleased to have been associated with the following partners, who we worked with on preveious programs:

Titan Motorcyle Company of America
Thirteen years ago, Titan began manufacturing motorcycles as an antidote to the usual cookie cutter bike-builders. Then, motorcycles were either grease monkey one-offs or boringly built on assembly lines. Instead, Titan created a new category custom manufactured motorcycles where loving detail and a passion for motorcycles were evidenced in every bolt and cable. Since then, Titan has built a reputation for exacting craftsmanship, radical design and the highest quality fit and finish among manufacturers. Please see the Titan Motorcyles website for more details about their remarkable line of custom manufactured motorcyles.

Greater Sudbury Police Service
Astwood partnered with the GSPS to promote and operate an Ozzy's Garage youth mentorship program in the community, targetted to inner city youth at risk of gang involvement and other negative behaviours.
Grand Council of the Crees/Cree Regional Authority
The Grand Council of the Crees is the political body that represents the approximately (2003) 14,000 Crees or “Eeyouch” (“Eenouch” – Mistissini dialect), as they call themselves, of eastern James Bay and Southern Hudson Bay in Northern Quebec. The Grand Council has twenty members: a Grand Chief and Deputy-Grand Chief elected at large by the Eeyouch, the chiefs elected by each of the nine Cree communities, and one other representative from each community. The present Grand Chief is Mathew Coon Come and the Deputy Grand Chief is Ashley Iserhoff. The Council’s head office is in the Cree community of Nemaska, although it also has offices in Montreal and Ottawa. Through its Department of Justice and Correctional Services, funding was provided for the Ozzy's Garage program in the Cree community of Ouje Bougoumou.
Cree Human Resources Department
Since 1996, Human Resources Development of Canada transferred most of its programs to the Cree Regional Authority. The Cree Human Resources Development (CHRD) was instituted as a department of the Cree Regional Authority (CRA) in April 2002. The mission of the CHRD is to provide skills development, training programs and services and employment insurance services in the nine Cree James Bay communities and throughout the Territory. The goal of CHRD is to help Cree and non-Cree to prepare for, obtain and keep jobs. CHRD has generously provided financial assistance to the Ouje Bougoumou Ozzy's Garage program.
Cree First Nation of Ouje Bougoumou
Ozzy's Garage and Astwood are proud to launch our first program in the beautiful Cree community of Ouje Bougoumou. Oujé-Bougoumou (Cree for Crossed by a river) is the newest Cree community located on the shores of Lake Opemisca, in Quebec, Canada. It has a population of 696 people. The Cree in the Chibougamau area had been marginalized in the 20th century by many forced relocations. After decades of relocations, this band gained recognition by the government and was given land to construct a new permanent village. It was designed by architect Douglas Cardinal (famous for the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec) and was built in 1992. It has won recognition and awards for its modern concepts combining economic sustainability, environmental conservation, and design. In response to a growing problem with youth and street gangs, the community of Ouje Bougoumou has partnered with the Cree Regional Authority's Department of Justice and Correctional Services and the CHRD to build a custom Fat Bobber motorcyle (see picture above) which, when completed and certified by Titan Motorcyles, will be raffled with proceeds going to the Ouje Bougoumou Youth Centre.



If you would like more information about the program, or if you have a motorcycle or interesting car you would like to donate in return for sponsorship recognition, please Contact Us today!


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